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What is Included in a Weekly Pool Cleaning Visit?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A good pool company with ensure that your pool is receiving wonderful care each week. I've composed the following checklist/ pool cleaning guide for both pool owners and pool service professionals alike, to ensure a complete service is performed when pool cleaning.

Tallahassee Pool Cleaning
Tallahassee Pool Cleaning

It all started as a kid, cleaning my parent's Tallahassee FL pool during long and hot summers. Dad would make me go out and scrub down the concrete walls and it seemed like the algae just wouldn't come out once it started growing in patches. I later learned, Dad's pool chemistry was bad so this wasn't my fault. Still Love you Dad, despite the lack of adequate chlorine and phosphate remover.

A good pool service visit should run like a flow.

First arrive and ensure visually that all equipment is working and no damage or leaks are visible.

Then, test the water to determine which chemicals need balanced. To determine the proper amount of chemicals, you will need to know the volume of water in the pool. Remember that this is Chemistry and Science, not seasoning a steak. You cannot just eyeball it...

Next, depending on the volume of water in the pool and the pool readings, you'll need to jot down the required chemical amounts because you'll be adding these last. Aside from the case of Mustard Algae, in which I will add the sodium bromide product prior to brushing or chlorine.

The following step includes netting the surface of the pool. I like to do this first so no debris will sink to the bottom after I vacuum. This saves me from doing a task more than one time.

The next step is to vacuum any sand, dead algae, or debris from the bottom of the pool. If possible I prefer to use my Hammerhead vacuum, but there are cases in which you'll need to attach a hose vacuum to the skimmer and vacuum to waste.

Lastly, brush the entire surface of the pool, ensuring not to miss a spot. In the summer, algae can grow quite fast, as it is a photosynthetic organism. Keeping correct amounts of Sanitizer like Chlorine or Bromine, and using phosphate remover will help keep algae at bay. Clean filters are also important.

Prior to leaving the pool site, ensure the skimmer baskets are emptied, the pump basket is emptied and the filter is cleaned.

For more pool tips and for Tallahassee Pool Cleaning, shoot us an email at our contact page!

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