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Tallahassee Pool Cleaning

Recently we were featured on and the My First Million Podcast as we grow our pool company acquisition portfolio.

However, we are headquartered in the State of Florida Capital Tallahassee which we reside and will forever call home.

Tallahassee Florida is a wonderful town full of nature trails, untouched forests, rivers, springs like Wakulla, horses, and lots of opportunity for small businesses. It's affordable compared to a lot of cities in Florida and has some amazing neighborhoods to raise a family in.

In Tallahassee Florida we still waive to our neighbors, help our community members, and we are home to an incredible football team The Florida State Seminoles.

There is actually a lot to love about Tallahassee and we consider it a hidden gem that has little traffic and tourism compared to South Florida.

The majority of the swimming pools built in Tallahassee are quite large. In fact, the average pool in Tallahassee Florida is around 25,000 gallons measuring 16ft wide by 32ft long with a max depth of 8ft.

Tallahassee Pool Cleaning
Tallahassee Pool Cleaning

Of course, there are fiberglass pools that are smaller and custom concrete luxury pools. The typical pool you will find in Tallahassee is usually a vinyl liner pool build.

We clean ALOT of pools in Tallahassee and most of the neighborhoods in the North East of Tallahassee have pools as well as further East towards Monticello in an Area called Buck Lake has a good amount of pools.

If you're looking for a great pool home in Tallahassee, I would suggest trying to find a home in Golden Eagle, Summerbrooke, Killearn Estates, Highgrove, Foxcroft, Buck Lake, Easton, Ox Bottom, Ox Bow, or Southwood.

Southwood is a newer development in Tallahassee with brand new houses and new pools in great condition. It's an awesome location for families or those looking to retire and play golf.

We also clean and maintain a decent amount of commercial swimming pools in Tallahassee Ranging from Apartments, to Hotels, to University Pools.

On average you can expect higher amounts of debris in pools and higher chemical usage due to the nature of being nestled in the woods. The pollen and phosphates from the natural foliage tends to demand quite a bit of care and service in the fall.

In the summer, pool season is quite warm and often from June to August you can expect water temperatures to stay in the mid 80s allowing usage a majority of the day and evening comfortably.

When we service a pool cleaning in Leon County, we do a full service clean that includes Testing the Water Chemistry, Vacuuming, Brushing the Surface of the Pool, Netting debris from the top of the water, emptying the skimmer baskets, cleaning the filter, emptying the pump basket, monitoring the status of all pool equipment for good health, and balancing the pool with proper chemical levels.

We ensure that we treat each pool with exceptional care, as our customers are our priority year round! It's the charm of Tallahassee that we love our community and our neighbors, and you too will love it here.

Although we are growing into a regional wide brand and offering pool construction, our roots in Tallahassee Fl run deep and we still love how we started, with one pool at a time, with owners Cole and Rachel greeting our clients each week and taking great care of the pools as if they were our very own.

Lil Duckies is a family tradition that we teach to our employees and pool technicians. We hope to someday help you with your Tallahassee Pool Cleaning!

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