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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Tips on How To Care For Your Pool

by Lil Duckies

New Pool Owners Guide on how to clean, maintain, and treat a swimming pool
New Pool Owners Guide

Daily Pool Upkeep, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Daily Upkeep: Check your Pool System

Pool Cleaning Basics

Ensure Skimmer Baskets are Clear of Debris including your Pool Pump Basket.

It's important to remove debris from both the pool skimmer baskets and the pool pump basket as well. Debris can cause flow blockage and loss of suction.
Pine Needles in a Pool Pump Basket

Debris can cause Suction Loss & also decrease Chlorine/ Sanitizer effectiveness.

Next, ensure Water Levels are satisfactory and that the Pool Pressure is at a Normal Level (10PSI to 20PSI) and that your pressure gauge is working properly.

Each week it is important to Backwash your Filter for 120 Seconds & then Rinse for 60 Seconds.

Testing your Pool

Using a Test Strip or a DPD kit, Test your Water Chemistry to determine what needs to be done to maintain optimal water chemistry levels.

Using Pool Test Strips you can accurately determine what treatments are needed for your pool water to become balanced.
Testing Pool Chemistry with Pool Strips

I.e. Raising Chlorine/ Sanitizer Levels, Salt Levels, Alkalinity, Water Hardness, Calcium Levels, Phosphate Levels, Ph Level, and Cyanuric Acid Level.

Salt Water Pools

Salt pools convert sodium chloride into its chlorine derivative by ionizing the solution as it passes through the installed unit.

Salt Pools are sanitized by using a salt cell generator and chlorine system. Ensuring it stays in good shape is important for pool health.
Hayward Aquarite Salt Cell System

If you have a Salt Pool, it's good housekeeping to check the output levels, flow status, and perform checks on this system.

Over time, Salt will crystalize on the sensor and reduce flow and effectiveness.

The system will need to be cleaned and reset every so often to return to normal Sanitizer output.

Lastly, ensure that your skimmers are open and have suction and that your Pool Pump is completely priming (not sucking air).

It's important to have a primed pool pump, ensuring air is cleared from the pool flow through the pump.
Primed Pool Pump and Sand Filter

The Clear covering should be completely full with water.

How to keep your pool clean

Daily Upkeep: How to Clean Your Pool

Begin by Brushing Down the Steps, Stairs, Sides and Bottom of the entire Pool.

It is important to brush the interior surface of the pool and to net for debris to keep a pool clean
Brush & Net Often to keep your pool clean

This is important to keep the pool from getting Slimy, buy more importantly it prevents algae from forming in your pool and also any bacteria from proliferating.

Next remove any debris from the pool such as leaves, sticks, pine needles or other debris using a net.

You can also vacuum out the remaining debris, sand or algae in the pool.

Vacuuming your Pool

To Vacuum your pool you'll need the correct equipment and you will turn off your pool pump and attach your vacuum hose into your skimmer basket.

When you experience an algae bloom, it's necessary to vacuum the algae through your filtration system to clean the pool.
Vacuuming algae from a pool

There are several types of connections. It's important to fill this hose with water prior to attempting to vacuum.

This will save you a huge headache dealing with your pool pump un-priming by sucking in air.

Next, switch your intake lever to close the main drain and turn on the pump. This will allow you to vacuum the pool surface effectively.

For Pools with two skimmers, you can increase suction by plugging on skimmer inlet with a 2" skimmer plug.

Lastly, Sanitize your pool water.

Add the necessary amount of Chlorine, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium Bisulfate, Cyanuric Acid, Muriatic Acid, Sodium bromide, Clarifying Enzymes, Salt, Soda Ash, Alkaline reagents, Stabilizer, and Diatomaceous Earth Compound or Cellulose Fiber.

Eek! My Pool is contaminated!

Daily Upkeep: Uncommon Fixes

Green Algae: Shock by increasing Chlorine/Sanitizer output to 6x the normal amount for your pool size.

If your pool water turns green you will need to lower your pH, shock the pool water, and filtrate for 24-48 hours
Fixing a Green Pool

Calculate your pool Ph Level.

PRO TIP: Chlorine is more effective in a lower Ph.

It's ok to add Muriatic Acid to lower Ph when shocking to boost effectiveness.

Once clear, you can add Soda Ash to return Ph to normal.

Yellow Algae: This is best treated with Sodium Bromide and Chlorine.

However, it's important to Add sodium bromide FIRST, then brush/clean entire pool, then add Chlorine and not the other way around.

Follow normal steps for cleaning the pool and sanitize your equipment after.

Treating Pool Stains

Pool Stains: Determine if they are organic or metal stains by holding a Dichlor Tablet on the stain for 120 seconds.

If it lifts then hyper-chlorinate your water and scrub hard. Repeat.

If the Dichlor doesn't work, use Ascorbic Acid to see if the stain lifts.

If it does, then it's a metal stain.

We recommend using Stain Remover Solution in combination with a product named Metal Free, and additionally using ascorbic acid in combination with a product called CU later.

Algae that won't go away: If you notice small amounts of sand or algae is blowing out of your pool hyper-chlorinate your water and add Cellulose Fiber to your Filter.

If algae keeps coming back after proper treatment, you may need to clean or refresh your pools filtration system.
Algae that won't go away

Make sure you bleach any possible sources of algae nearby such as slides, diving boards, pool decks etc.

It's a good idea to test water levels for phosphates, as algae feasts on it and chlorine binds to it before binding to other dissolved solids.

Need Help From The Pros?

Want to learn how to use your equipment?

Need a One Time Cleaning?

Interested in Weekly Cleaning Service and worry free pool ownership?

Our Average Pool Cleaning costs $235 per month, with the low at $199 per month.

Unlike many companies that charge additional fees for chemicals, our pricing is all inclusive so you'll know exactly what you are paying every month no matter what it needs.

We guarantee 5 Star service, and that is our promise.

We back this 100%, & if you are dissatisfied with our pool cleaning we offer a money back guarantee.

Congratulations on your new Pool Home and we hope that it is a wonderful experience for you.

Our expert advice is always free, so give us a call if you need a hand.

Lil Duckies Pool Company

Tallahassee FL 32312


Lil Duckies Pool Co. is a Tallahassee FL Pool Cleaning Company.
Tallahassee FL Pool Cleaning

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