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What Chemicals Do I Put In My Pool?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

New pool owners often struggle with what to do with their pool when they close on their new home. You know to put in "Chemicals" but what kind?

There are three main types of Chlorine. All pretty much work the same way but everyone has a preference.

The first type is the most traditional which is liquid chlorine. These 2.5 gallon jugs are sold at any major pool supply store. For any of these methods you will need to either know how many gallons your pool is or calculate it.

See our guide on how to calculate gallons in you pool.

Once you know that you know how much chlorine you will need to add. Usually for liquid chlorine you need about one of those jugs but may need more if you have a larger pool.

Simply uncap the lid and tip the jug into the shallow end of your pool. Once you pour it in, it will circulate and keep your pool blue for about a week.

We suggest stocking up if you are using this method so you don't have to keep running back to the store each week.

Liquid Chlorine Pros-

Fast acting

Easy to add to pool

Doesn't need to be very precise

Liquid Chlorine Cons-

Very heavy

Need a lot of jugs

Can spill if not careful

Doesn't last very long

The second main type of chlorine comes in tabs. This is a method that is very common with homeowners. They come in hockey puck sizes and you only need to drop one in and it should last a week to two weeks.

For this method you will need a chlorinator. They are small floating tab dispensers that allow the tab to slowly dissolve over time. They can come in many differ styles but all work pretty much the same way.

This is by far the safest and easiest method but often leaves the pool hyper chlorinated. Since all tabs are the same size no matter your pool size it will distribute the same amount of chlorine.

For larger pools it may not be enough but for small pools it maybe way too much.

Tab Chlorine Pros-

Easiest and safest method

Will last longer than liquid

Comes in large bucket of several so you dont have to run to the store

Tab Chorline Cons-

Will over chlorinate your pool

More expensive than liquid

Need to buy dispenser to work

Finally, the last form of chlorine is powdered form. Much like tabs its concentrated chlorine that comes in a large bucket. However, powered chlorine comes with a cup to scoop it with.

No need to have a floating chlorinator as you will pour it directly into the water.

This method is very precise as you can scoop the exact amount that is necessary.

This method will also last you the longest as the bucket is completely full and will last months.

The only downside is that this method is the most dangerous of all. Since it is in powered form you cannot breathe in the powder in the air. We recommend a mask.

This is an expensive upfront cost but will save you as it will last several chlroinations. This method is preferred by pool companies for this reason.

All you need it to scoop cup fulls and scatter around the pool or just throw it in.

Powdered Chlorine Pros-

Lasts longer

Easy to store

Less expensive in the long run

Very precise and easy to disperse

Powered Chlorine Cons-

More dangerous

Please take caution no matter which method you use. Let us know if you have any questions and check out our other blogs!

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