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Tallahasssee Commercial Pool Cleaning

Tallahasssee Commercial Pool Cleaning

Stay Compliant with the Florida Department of Health 

Commercial Pool Guidelines

Strict guidelines are set in place on Commercial Pool properties by the Florida Department of Health to ensure patron safety, water quality, and preventative maintenance is performed with regard for the city structures and ecosystem as well.

Each property has to have a Certified Pool Operator, with a valid and up to date license even if you are the pool owner, technically you can't legally clean or maintain a commercial pool without it.

Fines for a violation are typically $250 to $500, for first violation or $50 for every month or partial month during which the violation took place.

Our licensed team completes a full cleaning, vacuum, water balance, equipment preventative maintenance and upkeep, pool inspection to ensure compliance is upheld, digital and physical log book record keeping, and 24/7 on call availability for emergencies.

Technically, you must have a Certified Pool Operator test your pool water daily and record this data in your log book according to Florida State Law. Some commercial property owners believe that their maintenance persons can simply clean the pool without this license. 

Historically, claiming ignorance as an excuse to break the law doesn't fair well for business owners and investors with stake in the property.

Many commercial pools are caught in violation of this and can result in large fines and even closure of pool facilities in some cases.

There are 47 criteria in which a commercial pool must meet to ensure that it is compliant and ready to operate safely.

Pools are regularly inspected by the Florida Department of Health and the results become public knowledge at

Here are the compliance requirements for Tallahassee Commercial Pools that we ensure are upheld:

1. Appearance & Algae Control.

2. Deck & Walkways.

3. Tile & Pool finish.

4. Depth Markers.

5. Handrail & Ladders.

6. Step Markings.

7. Main Drain Grates,

8. Gutter Grates & Skimmers.

9. Lighting.

10. No Dive Markings (necessary).

11. Diving Board.

12. Pool Cover.

13. Pool Side Shower.

14. Life Hook with Pole.

15. Life Ring with Rope.

16. Safety Line with 2 inch Marking.

17. Rules Posted.

18. Certification.

19. Sanitary facilities have supplies.

20. Sanitary facilities are Clean.

21. Approved Test Kit on site.

22. Water Quality meets required Free Chlorine & bromine.

23. Water Quality meets appropriate pH.

24. Chlorine Stabilizer is adequate.

25. Spa requirements are met.

26. Wading pool quick dump is compliant.

27. Water level and water control.

28. Disinfectant feeder is in order.

29. pH feeder is in order.

30. Chemical containers are labeled.

31. Filter pump.

32. Vacuum Cleaner

33. Flowmeter is working.

34. Thermometer is working.

35. Pressure & Vacuum gauges are working.

36. Equipment room is satisfactory.

37. Cross Connection.

38. Gas Chlorine Equipment.

39. Waste Water Disposal.

40. Diatomaceous Earth Separator.

41. Other Equipment is satisfactory.

42. Equipment Change.

43. Approved Chemicals.

44. Maintenance Log.

45. Inspection Posted.

46. Electrical Equipment.

47. Fences are satisfactory.

There are many strict requirements that must be upheld to be deemed compliant by the State for your Tallahassee Commercial Pool inspection.

How Much Does Commercial Pool Cleaning Cost in Tallahassee?

Pool Cleaning costs can vary based on the size of the pool, equipment on site, and frequency of cleaning.

On average, you can expect to spend $100-150 per cleaning visit, plus costs of chemicals billed at $3-$4 per gallon of NaClO, $5 per lb of CaClO2, $10-11 per gallon of HCl, & $2-$3 per lb of D.E.

The best way to get a price estimate on your Tallahassee Commercial Pool Cleaning is to call or email for a free consultation on pricing and inspection for code compliance.

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