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How to Break up with your Pool Guy.

There are many reasons to fall in love and also out of love when it comes to hiring a pool company in Tallahassee FL.

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Tallahassee FL Pool Cleaning

Do you need Tallahassee pool cleaning?

Well, now might be the best and easiest time to break up with your old service provider if any of these situations applies to you.

- The service used to be great, now it's just ok

- Prices have been steadily increasing over the years

- A different stranger seems to clean your pool every week.

- Things are faulty, broken, or have shoddy repair work done.

- Your pool is dirty right after the pool company comes.

- Your pool company is always late, unresponsive, or simply doesn't show up.

- You receive extra billing charges for things you didn't agree to.

- You just don't get along with the company.

- You feel trapped in your contract or are scared to leave.

If you need help breaking up with your pool guy, we've compiled a helpful guide on the easiest and possibly best ways to dump your old company and hire a new one... or do it yourself!

10 Best Ways to Break Up with your Pool Company

  1. "We're going to take a break in service for now, we appreciate all of your hard work!"

This is a classic way to dump your pool company. It often let's them down easy and could even leave them hopeful for picking up service in the future. No bridges burnt!

2. "We need to cancel service for next month. Thank you."

This cryptic text might shock some companies, but who doesn't love a good mystery. Short, Sweet, and to the point. No need to drag out explanations and add personal drama. Tell em' like it is and what you want.

3. "We really can't afford the pool service anymore and need to cancel. Thank you for everything!"

This sweet apologetic cancelation is sure to spark empathy from any pool service provider. We understand money can get tight in trying times and the heartfelt approach is always a great choice.

4. "I'm not happy with the recent pool service and need to cancel. Thanks."

This is a bold way to break up with your pool cleaner. Are you feeling lucky...punk? They'll get the point, and maybe the hint to start doing a better job around town.

5. "Leave us alone, and stop future pool service."

If you're really angry at your pool company, and they simply won't listen to reason, maybe it's time to put your foot down and nip it in the bud.

6. "My pool is dirty for the last time. It's over buddy."

Are you fed up with giving constant warnings about poor service? Keep it simple and let them know you're done.

7. "We have decided we are going to try out a new pool service. We want to support small business in Tallahassee and give the new guys a chance. I hope you'll understand. Thank you."

This is a really cool thing to do, you're helping boost the local economy and level the playing field from one big company monopolizing the industry. Supporting a small business can help keep families afloat.

8. "Knock Knock...Who's there? ... Pool Service Cancellation.... Thank you!"

Want to keep it light hearted? Big Pool companies are probably to busy to even care that you're cancelling, otherwise they'd be paying more attention to your account and make sure your pool was in top shape each week.

9. "Let's stop pool service, it's just not working out."

A phrase that will leave anyone wondering about the one that got away. Time to rip it off like an old Band-Aid my friend.

10. "We've decided to take care of our pool. This will be our last month needing pool cleaning. Thank you!"

Taking care of your pool is important, and if your current Tallahassee pool company doesn't love you, someone else will!


"Pool cleaning services typically cost $60 to $90 per hour. An average first-time pool cleaning will take 2 or 3 hours, and cost $120 to $270. For specific cleaning services or one-time cleaning, expect to spend $200 and $400, depending on the size of the pool and the type of cleaning." - Homeguide

Our Cost:

$149 under 10,000 gallons

$199 under 40,000 gallons

$299 under 75,000 gallons

Call Today: 800-549-4701

We guarantee perfect Tallahassee pool cleaning every week.

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