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BioDESIGN Ponds in South Florida

Building a Back Yard Oasis is a fast process when the water depth is 24" or less. In Florida, a pond doesn't require a pool permit when it's 24" or shallower which can add beauty and functionality to your space and save you time, headache and money.

Building a pond doesn't have to be gross. We use the same techniques as a swimming pool with virtually the same equipment, to keep your pond beautiful and sanitary. You can even add ledge loungers to enjoy the beach area as a sunshelf. Heck, some folks even ask to add the beach pond feature next to the pool to use as a sunshelf.

Below I'm including a few video examples of the process and how we build beach entry ponds in less than 2 weeks. The filtration system connects to GFCI outlets so no electrician is needed.

We use 45mil liners with underlayment to create the structure. Below the excavated structure we dig a WellPoint / sump pump to control ground water from floating the structure. 

Using a technique developed in Italy, we combine rock aggregate, quartz sand and epoxy to create a semi permeable shell that looks and feels like a beach and is as strong as concrete.

This is a work of art, and each designed project is hand crafted to your specification.


Biodesign Ponds are not considered a cheaper alternative like above ground, vinyl, or fiberglass pools. Quite the opposite, it takes a Master of Aquatic Design to create a unique backyard experience that is both functional and beautiful. 

Pricing varies by added amenities but some ballpark numbers can be determined as follows:

Base Price: $80/ Sqft

Rocks: $750

Pool Equipment: $3500

Decking: $10-$20 / Sqft

Average Project: 15x10 Sunshelf with Bubblers

150 SQFT x 80: $12,000

+$750 + $3500 = $16,250

Average Project: 15x30 Oasis Pond with Grotto WaterFall

450 SQFT x 80: $36,000

+$750 +$3500 + $7000 Grotto Kit: $47,250

Average Project: 10x20 Pond with 6x6 Sunshelf

236 SQFT x 80: $18,880

+$750 +$3500 = $23,130

Biodesign Ponds are the perfect solution for families with small backyards or setbacks that won't allow for a swimming pool. This is also a great solution for those who want a splash area for the little ones without the fear of drowning hazard, or even for letting the dogs splash and play safely to escape the heat.

Many homeowners love the look of having an oasis in the backyard but will likely never swim. If aesthetics is what you're looking for, there is no better solution.

Smaller bodies of water require less chemical upkeep and smaller utility bills for usage. This is another benefit.

By adding an electric heat pump and therapy jets, you can create a relaxing beach experience to soak in.

If you're interested in getting started, please fill out the form below and we can start designing your biodesign pond today.

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