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Tallahassee Pool Cleaning Specials

Tallahassee FL is home to about 300 beautiful pool homes varying in size from modest to custom to grandiose.

When we clean a pool, it may take 30 mins to 2 hours, but we always put 100% effort into leaving a timely and beautiful impression for our customers to enjoy.

Years of being on the Varsity Swimming team taught me to love being in and around pools. I went on the study health sciences with Honors and achieve my bachelor's degree in Pre Clinical health sciences from the University of Central Florida. Even made the Dean's List a few times!

I also understand swimming in a dirty pool can leave you feeling less than enthusiastic.

Whether you're a training athlete or enjoying the fruits of your labor in a serene and relaxing luxury pool, you deserve the absolute best.

Here's what a normal clean includes!

First we Scrub down the sides and bottom of your pool and inspect the tiles if needed.

Then, we net the top leaves and debris.

Next, we clean your filter and skimmer!

After that, it's time to vacuum the bottom and sides!

Following the vacuum clean, we ensure to get any missed problem areas.

Continuing, we then make sure to test the water pH and chemical levels, also testing for phosphates, metals, and acids that may be transparent but present.

We then calculate and add the correct amounts of chemicals, mineral solutions, or salt solutions to balance your water health.

As an added beautification and to reduce slippery build up, I recommend finishing up with a quick pressure wash of your deck and pool tiles.

If you're in the Tallahassee area and need a great pool cleaning company, we would love to take care of your pool for you to enjoy.

Please give us a call at 800-549-4701 or email

Thank you!


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