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Swim-Up Bars!

The swim-up bar continues to be one of

the most common pool features for over 68 years.

In several hotels worldwide, and later for the affluent and famous,

what was once a grand feature is now accessible in private homes.

A pool table and bar stools may be added by certain homeowners who have a pool, while

some may choose a full enchilada with a swim-up bar that includes a grill, sink, and refrigerators.

The new age of the

swim-up bar invites ladies and gentlemen.

In their backyard, homeowners are trying to build a beach atmosphere to entertain, rest, and make the kids enjoy their time in the water. While many claim that the swim-up bar is strictly for large backyards, there are ways in other sized backyards to make a swim-up bar work as well. For the construction of a swim-up bar, there are several important points. Beauty and function, but also a functional one are essential: space. Factors in allocating a pool and the swim-up bar area are the overall square feet, scale, and form. At the outset of the construction process, any pool specialist will tell you about it.

Swim-Up Bar Standards

Usually, a swim-up bar consists

of two to five barstools.

Under the waterline should be the tip of the bench, having half of

the body put underwater while the other half is out and above the surface.

A decorative detail covered with mosaic

tiles or stone can be the countertop.

To make the swim-up bar dramatic eye candy

in the oasis, many homeowners use bold colors. It is important to have a cabinet area next to the pool swim-up bar to have a spot for drinks and cups. In order to complete the swimming bar with an added outdoor kitchen, you might even want to suggest installing a cooking area with a pavilion.

Installing a Swim-Up Bar

Place the swimming bar with 30 to

42 inches of water in a shallow field.

To sit safely despite being partly immersed in water,

the height of the seat must be easy to access.

The countertop must be six inches

above the coping area of the tub.

It'll help provide enough

space for the knee.

Why Buy a Swim-Up Bar?

In a backyard, swim-up

bars generate a resort setting.

Provide a comfortable atmosphere: great

for families and friends to entertain.

Saves space

for patios.

For youngsters, all collecting formats are excellent-you can feed them their

lunches or snacks without having to get out of the swimming pool.

Space can be saved, particularly if

you have a small to medium-sized backyard.

We still have an experienced builder available to lead you

through the production process of the pool of your dreams.

Send your swimming pool a budget and

a list of the services you want.

Lil Duckies Pool Co lets its clients build the

perfect pool for the needs of each client.

For more details contact us!


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