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Super Spooky Haunted Motel Pool Transformation

When there's a broken pool in the neighborhood, who are you gonna call?

I got an emergency call the other day about a motel pool that no matter what they did would not get back to blue.

So we loaded up the Van got on our exterminator suits armed with our vacuums and headed out to the job site to investigate the mysterious happenings.

When we arrived on scene it was like something out of a cheesy eighties horror film there were most certainly things, unspeakable things, living in that murky water.

The staff joked about there being gators rumoured to be living in the water, and the pool manager explained that the previous pool company could not figure out what was going on with the pool.

Upon further investigation we found out that the filtration system and the pump were both broken and in need of serious repair.

Actually, it turns out, that in the mysterious, dark pump room the sand filter was clogged and broken and the pump was broken and would not work. It was at a point where it had overheated and burnt up and there was no sanitation system even installed.

It took many days of elbow greese getting that pool back into shape because as you know the skimmer system rides around the top of the pool so we had to do a complete new pump install, install a brand new sanitation feeder and we had to exorcise the demons that lived in the water : mainly one named algae and parasites.

We switch from sand to zeolite which did wonders and then after our repairs we were able to sanitize the water and within 2 weeks we got it back to crystal blue.

If you have a haunted residential or commercial pool in Tallahassee Florida that it saving you know who to call lil duckies.




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