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Someone Sh*t in my Pool! Now what??

Yikes, someone went number 2 in your pool and you're wondering what to do.

Here's some quick tips on how to solve this problem.

Step 1: Know your pool size. Knowing your pool size will keep you from guessing how many jugs of chlorine you need to add to sanitize the water appropriately. Note that if you're just going to guess, just nuke it with extra and regret the price later.

You will need 1 : 2.5 gallon jug per 10,000 gallons of pool water for solid poo and 2 for liquid / diarrhea.

Step 2: Remove the waste.

If its solid, easy. Just net it out and sanitize your water. You'll need to turn over the entire contents of water after adding chlorine.

A 1HP pump will do about 40 gallons per min. So for average 30,000 gallon pool allow 11 hours to cycle.

If you have a 2HP its usually 55 gallons per minute so allow 9 hours etc.

If its liquid poo filter for 24 hours and make sure to backwash and rinse after.

Step 3: Take a water sample to your local pool professional.

A sample needs to be brought in within 7 hours and tested by a professional to check if your levels are correct.

If you have a salt water pool you will need to put it out a 100% output and still get liquid chlorine because it activates quicker.

If you have an emergency and someone poo'd in your pool, call us at 800-549-4701

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