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Salt Pools in Cold Temperature Months

It's getting Cold Tallahassee! This time of year we have people call us a lot, asking, "Why do

you need to install a 3" tab floating chlorinator when I have a salt pool?

With my salt cell generator installed will I need to adjust the settings or is something wrong? "

So I'm here to tell you, and reassure you with an emphatic "No". This is most likely the answer. The output of your salt cells will be fine. Not to say that's true 100% of the time, but it's a large amount of time unless something is faulty or needs a salt cell clean.

The reason we need a floating chlorinator to be installed is simply because we need

to keep a little chlorine in the pool, even in the cold and winter months.

When pool water temperatures are above 60 degrees, the salt cell generators are made to withstand this workload and may not register in the cold conditions.

The salt generators simply shut down at pool water temperatures that are 60 degrees or below and do not allow the salt cell to ionize (breakdown) the salt and convert it to chlorine by design. Hence salt, sodium chloride converting to it's chlorine derivative.

Once the temperature of the pool water rises again above 60 degrees, the control boards and sensors will recognize this automatically and "kick" the generator back into action and allow the salt to be converted to chlorine for ionization.

This does not mean that when chlorine readings are low, we do not add salt to the pool. It's necessary to test salt levels against what the control box says to ensure accuracy.

It simply implies that during the cold months when water

temperatures are low, the salt cells need a little help.

Once the water temperatures heat up again and the salt

cells are again converting chlorine, we take the floaters out.

I hope that this helps to clear up the need

for floating chlorinators to be installed during the cold months.

If you need help with your Tallahassee Salt Pool give us a call at 800-549-4701.

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