How to Reduce your Electric Bill Caused By Running your Pool Pump.

I live in Tallahassee FL, and like many of you may sympathize, it gets very Hot in July/August. Today at the time of writing this it is 96 Degrees outside and my AC unit is broken.

After a long morning of cleaning pools in the sun, I came back to find my AC unit needs repair. Might as well write a helpful blog while I wait for the repair ticket to be finished eh?

Today we will explain a few ways you can reduce your electric bill caused by running your pool pump.

Pool Pumps are Costly

The average pool pump is between 5-10 years in age in Tallahassee FL.

The days of optimal energy use have faded, and for older pool pumps they are but a halcyon dream of long ago.

Most Residential Single Family Detached homes are equipped with a 3/4 HP Hayward or Pentair Pool Pump in Tallahassee. With one of these units you can expect to spend about $62 per month by running this pool pump 24/7. If it's an older pump or if you are using an auto chlorinator or water heater, booster pump for a spa or fountain, or jet system let's bump this number to an even $100 per month for safe measure.

The average Tallahassee Pool is historically bigger than the National Spa and Pool Institute recommended statistics. I've found on average we are cleaning pools between 30K and 40K gallons. This means your pump needs to run for about 6 hours to fully turn over the contents of the pool at high speed function, and up to 10 hours for a sluggish pump.

Before you go out and drop serious cash on a brand new pump let's try the following energy saving techniques.

Adequately Chlorinate your Pool and Run your pump during the strongest day light hours. Hours that contribute to the growth and photosynthesis of algae is best to keep the pool circulating.

Add a Screen Enclosure if you have lots of surrounding trees, or clean skimmer baskets and pump basket often. A clogged skimmer or pump basket can cause filtration and suction issues and contribute to the wear of your pool pump as well as the efficiency of your cleaning cycle.

Delete the Booster Pump. If you have a big beautiful Spa or Waterfall that you just don't use, you got it when you built the pool or inherited it from the previous owner, and while it looks incredible it is a money hungry eye sore in the summer. If you're not using the Booster pump, this could cut costs in half.

Set a Pool Timer to Avoid forgetting it on.

Use or install a pool timer so that each day you'll run your 6 -10 hour cycle on time and 1.) keep from over spending on pool energy used and 2.) Ensure you're preventing algae growth.

Refurbish or Replace your Pool Pump

If you've done all that you can do to fix your energy savings and it's just not working it may be time to retire the old system and finance a new one. Let's investigate potential savings that justify the purchase: Upgrading to a stronger variable speed pump can help you turn over the entire 40k Gallons of the Pool in less time. Some now in 2020 in under 4 hours at 3800 + Power. Now you're saving about $600 or more per year on energy alone. In 2 years it has paid for itself, and in 3 it's profit.

When you DO upgrade, my advice is to go simple. Pool Builders and Pros LOVE to sell you the latest technology and make more money. Also, being a tech geek myself, I get excited having the latest and most powerful gear. There's just something manly to having some great gear. However, like all technology, it goes obsolete within 3-5 years and the cycle begins again. Repairs and parts replacements can be costly.

Auto Chlorinators and salt systems turn into huge headaches here in Tallahassee. I'm literally replacing or fixing about one each week in the summer.

Get yourself a Bad Boy Pool Pump that will last a long time and has a great energy saving rating and if you can skip the fancy electronics, get yourself a Chlorine Tablet Dispenser and save huge.

Go Solar

Welcome to the future. It's 2020 we have awesome solar capabilities and it's cheaper than you think. You can buy LCL Ocean Freight Direct from manufacturers in China for Less than $2000 or get it straight from a Local Florida Company. These solar panels install to your roof and can power many features in your home.

When Combined with This Pentair Pump (Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump VS+ 3.2kW 3HP Max) "Variable Speed combined with a 230 volt motor will save you $100's in energy costs"

Highly Recommend. Also If your pool turns green, you can shock it and then crank this Pump to the max and be blue in under 2 days. It is by far my favorite system on the market and it costs $1025 compared to the Hayward (Hayward SP3400VSPVR Ecostar 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, Energy Star Certified) at $1388.25.

If you have questions or energy saving tips you'd like to share give us a call at 800-549-4701

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