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How to Clear a Clogged Pool Pipe

How to fix a clogged pool pipe. Tallahassee Florida pool leak detection.
Pool Clogs can cause costly repairs.

Pool pipes can get clogged after heavy leave fall or accumulation of other debris.

Pool Clog Advice

After our rainy season in Tallahassee Florida we get a lot of service calls to fix clogged skimmer pipes, so we figured we would share some helpful tips on how to clear debris blockage in your pool lines.

Here are some helpful tips to clear a clogged pool pipe.

  1. After pool pump is primed, try to turn the intake valve all the way to one side and then the other. (Repeat a few times, ensuring the pump doesn't lose prime).

  2. Use a Cobra Rubber Bladder. Ensure that you are always pushing pressure from the pool pump back towards the skimmer. Shortest distance to clear the clogs always works better.

  3. If you have 2 skimmers, close one side's valve at the pool pump and run a pool hose from one skimmer to the other. Ensure pump is primed prior to vacuuming.

  4. Use an air compressor and a Pool Plug with Blow Through Stem to run pressure through skimmer line to the clog.

Pressure and Pipes

Pressurized leak detection and clog dislodging. Tallahassee Florida Pool repair
Pressurized leak detection and clog dislodging.

You can carefully use an air compressor and blow through stems to single out the clogged pipe. Ensure you are blowing pressure from the motor side towards the skimmer.

It's also good practice to note that high pressure can damage pipe joints underground, so this work is usually performed by licensed professionals with experience.

If possible remove couplings and apply pressure through the pipe rather than the motor itself.

This pressure test can also be used in a similar fashion for leak detection.

How much does fixing a pool pipe clog cost?

On average you can expect to pay between $199 and $499 for pipe clog detection and repair.

It usually takes about 2 hours to completely determine the location of the clog and dislodge it.

Sometimes there may be other factors involved such as broken underground pipes that have compacted with dirt.

tallahassee florida pool line damage
Underground hidden pool line damage

In the case of a pipe leak, pipe glue failure from age/wear, or ground shift please contact a licensed pool contractor or plumbing professional.

In many cases a new homeowner may purchase a house and not be aware of hidden damages from pool age such as clogged or leaking underground pool pipes.

We suggest purchasing a home warranty with pool coverage.

Also, if you are considering purchasing a pool home in Tallahassee, consider opting in for our 110 point pool inspection.

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