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Heated Swimming Pools: Should I?

The weather has

been fairly erratic lately in Tallahassee Florida.

But the fact is, fall is here and winter is quickly approaching, and we have

no idea what the weather is going to be like in the next three months.

There is no reason why residents, on

the other hand, should stop using their pools and spas.

So there is a chance to enjoy

the pool oasis for a couple of days.

Thinking of the possibilities for heating

a pool is not a bad thing.

In a swimming pool, there are

many means of heating the water and reasons for doing so.

An Eco Friendly Solution

Heat pumps are an ecological alternative and the most recommended option in a swimming pool to heat the water. The pool heat pump uses outside air to raise its water temperature, much like a home heat pump. Through collecting heat energy from the air, it does this. It operates except in reverse, like an air conditioner.

The choice of choosing the appropriate water temperature is

included in most pumps, making the experience more pleasant.

There are two features of heating

devices: energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Taking into account the energy used and the energy produced,

heat pumps for swimming pools are typically about 80 percent efficient.

On average, it gives

5kW for every kW consumed.

Some of them are even

less loud now than before.

How to Select the Correct Heat Pump

We have to determine its characteristics well

before purchasing a system with these characteristics.

Ideally, for many years it will

last, but homeowners must chose wisely:

The amount of gallons of water in an oasis and

dimensions of the lake in cubic feet are the main considerations.

The kind of heat pump it requires to

run properly would be decided by these data.

The filter mechanism is another significant

function when a pool heater is bought.

Would it benefit to mount the pump independently of

the filter equipment or as an integral part of it?

Heating pumps that function independently

of the filter system are available.

However as an important part of the machinery, and

for a reasonable cause, it is easier to provide it.

It reflects the water movement used and how

step by step it helps to warm it. For homeowners in Florida, it is

not a tradition to cover an oasis.

A pool cover, however can maintain up to 94

percent of the heat and help the pump operate effectively.

Several scientists agree that heat loss takes

place on the surface of the water.

The easiest way to keep the sun in

your pool is to use an automatic pool cover.

Even when temperatures are down,

control the heat pump's effect.

The consumption increases if it is below 41oF

and needs more electrical capacity to produce extra heat.

Our friendly Lil Duckies Pool Company experts will assist you with

more details on heating pumps and what's suitable for your pool oasis.

Call us now at 800-549-4701 or give us

a free quote via our email at

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