Do not use Metal Free - stain remover danger

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Recently we came across a customer who needed help with stain removal for his pool. He had gone to the local pool supply store and purchased what they what they suggested for him metal free stain remover.

Metal remover will only work on metal that is suspended in the water. If the metal source is a corroded pipe light fixture ladder or debris such as scaling in the pool the source will go untreated and in our customers case You may need to put in more and more solution.

We came out to test the water for our customer who had been advised to use metal free product to get rid of the scaled oranges Brown stains on the bottom of his marcite pool. However this is not the case of the more use the better it works.

Metal remover in stain removal products have a compound that here's to metal elements in your pool water and helps them process through your filtration system. However the downside to adding this chemical to your pool water is A-sharp increase in the alkalinity.

High alkalinity in your pool water can make it very difficult to change your PH as well as balance your water to the correct levels.

In this case we found ourselves having to add high levels of muriatic acid and sodium by sulphate to try and reduce the PH and the on calamity of the pool this made several trips necessary and a lot of Product to be purchased.

To test whether a stain is organic or inorganic in your pool a few simple test can be done. 1st purchase calcium hypochlorite tablets which are the solid hockey Puck shaped chlorine tablets from your local pool store.

Place the tablet on your steam and wait 15 minutes when you lift the tablet the steam should be a lighter colour or disappeared completely if this is the case then you have an organic substance stating the pool and you can treat with heavy brushing and hyper chlorination of the pool water.

However if the stain is not removed with the use of calcium hypochlorite you may need an additional test for metals.

An easy way to test for metals is to use a chewable vitamin C tablet placing this on the stain for 15 minutes should bind the compounds inside of the vitamin C tablet IEA sorbic acid or citric acid to combine with the metal In the stain which is usually copper or iron.

After 15 minutes with some scrubbing the stain should lift in this will tell you that you may need stain remover Like the metal free.

Metal free products are not a magic bullet for your staining solution in a few steps may be necessary in order to lift the Stain.

It's important to ensure that you are water is completely balanced before attempting to use metal free product.

Wants the pool is completely balanced make sure chlorine levels are below one part per million and then turn off your pool filter and add metal free products please note that in the summer it may be more difficult to do this process as algae blooms could be common.

Now add your mettle free product and thoroughly scrub the surface of the pool allow 14 hours for the product to settle before turning on your pool pump.

For more severe metal stains purchase a see you later packet that has magnets for additional help filtering the metal out of the pool.

After 24 hours recorded your pool and test for stains again.

If you need help removing metal steans from your pool in Tallahassee Florida please don't hesitate to give our pool professionals a call.

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